Company History

40 Years Is A Long Time

We’ve always been in water, we were brought up on it. Patrick Delaney (PJ) began the business in 1971 as a pipeline construction contractor. 40 years is a long time in water and waste water infastructure. 40 years is a lot of experience to bring to the table.

Many things have changed over that time, but there remains an honest core that has always held us in good stead with our clients. It’s that honest way of communicating that was passed onto Patrick and Sean, PJ’s sons, and has enabled them to create a track record for real results. Results that not only achieve project aims, but enrich the surrounding region. We have real pride in developments like Barwyn Water and Beacon Cove Estate - improvements that have positively affected the local community.

As children Sean and Pat Delaney were brought up on pipelines, finally joining their father in the business at age 18, working as a labourers and getting the essential experience needed to understand all levels of the construction process. It’s always been a family business and not just for the Delaney’s but for a larger part of our team. We’ve had many father/son combinations and in some cases even 3 generations have been side by side. Grandfathers working with Fathers, working with Sons.

Now directing the company, Pat as operations manager and Sean as managing director have seen many changes. Delplant still works in water, we still deliver infrastructure management and pipeline construction, but our delivery includes a larger involvement in all aspects of a development. Rather than providing construction services alone, we’ve grown to employ over 50 highly skilled and accredited staff that include in-house planning and management expertise.

Change has meant we’ve had to increase our own rate of evolution to stay at the forefront of the industry. We’ve enjoyed the challenges and are seeing the positive outcomes of our investments. Our project management systems now have full ISO certification. Haulage and plant hire are now also part of our offering. We have a team of accredited engineers, works surveyors, project managers and plant operators filling a gap once provided by government, but now delivered by independent industry. The package of Delplant as a total project solution has never been more attractive.

But what next? What will Delplant look like after another 40 years? It’s questions like these that have us looking inward, developing leaders to continue a tradition of honest delivery and continuous improvement. We can see individuals rising to the challenge of leadership and it’s the in-house experience we’re investing in today that will see projects benefiting in the future.

It’s been 40 years of water, sewage and drainage. 40 years of experience our team brings to the table. It’s experience and expertise that gets the job done and it’s an honest way of approaching a project and a social awareness that provides the outcomes needed. We’d like to thank all those who have assisted us on the journey so far and we appreciate those that will join us as we advance on the future. Delplant is an experienced team of experts, it’s a way of getting the job done and it’s with a firm eye on the future that we continue to develop and challenge ourselves to really set the standard in the water infrastructure industry.

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