Major Projects

Anglesea Borefield Pipeline

Water Company: Barwon Water
Consultant: GHD
Value: $2,400,000 + GST

Purpose of Project:
The need for a long–term plan was identified to secure future water supplies throughout the Greater Geelong region. The Anglesea Borefield was designed to become a valuable new water source capable of supplying up to 20 million litres of groundwater daily in times of need to surrounding regional areas.

Steele Creek Detention Tank, Airport West

Water Company: City West Water
Consultant: Water Engineering Solutions
Value: $700,000 + GST

Scope of Works:
A 1.4ML below ground concrete storage tank to manage surcharge sewer flows. The tank was constructed using both cast-insitu and precast elements, requiring a ‘basement’ type excavation in a public park.

Worthington Estate, Pakenham

Water Company: South East Water
Consultant: Breese Pitt Dixon Pty Ltd

Purpose of Project:

Sewer & Water Reticulation
Construction of 3km of sewer and 3.6km of drinking and recycled water pipeline across multiple stages. 150-300mm dia PVC sewer pipe up to 4m deep, and 150mm dia PVC watermain. Project included construction of approx. 50 sewer access chambers and over 200 property branch connections.

External Dual Water
Construction of 1200m+ of 225/300 dual water and 1200m 375mm recycled water mains, Princes Hwy and Thewlis Road, Pakenham. Works include construction around significant existing services, including 750mm gas, 600mm water and several optic fibres.

White Box Rise Pump Station

Water Company: North East Water
Consultant: Munn Consulting
Value: $520,000 + GST

Scope of Works:
Construction and commissioning of a 10m deep, 3.2m diameter packaged pump station and FRP emergency storage tank.

Successful Outcomes of the Project:
To guarantee the integrity of the structures, we were required to be highly organised with detailed planning for excavation, shoring and backfill. With effective project management, together with strong construction team, Delplant ensured the project was completed successfully within the required timeframe.

Sandhurst Club

Project: Sandhurst Club

  • Pump Station
  • Sewer Reticulation

Pump Station

Construction and commissioning of an 8.5m, 2,100mm cast insitu pump station.

Sewer Reticulation

Construction of 3,200m of 150mm and 225mm sewer main incorporating more than 50 maintenance structures and servicing 180 properties.

Year: 2004-2005
Value: $750,000 + GST
Authority: South East Water

Botanic Ridge

Project: Botanic Ridge

  • Sewer Reticulation
  • Water Reticulation
  • Drainage
  • Rising Main
  • Pump Station

Rising Main / Pump Station

150mm & 225mm sewer rising main through clays and mudstones. Over 400m of micro-tunnelling was required due to road crossings, trees and protected areas. Minimal work areas required significant pre-planning, service location, re-alignments and alternative work methods.

Sewer & Water Reticulation

Construction of 4,000m of sewer reticulation incorporating 55 maintenance structures, up to 8m in depth.

Construction of 3,200m of water mains including all associated fittings, valves and hydrants.


Construction of 5,500m of storm water drainage, with pipe sizes ranging from 150mm to 1050mm including 185 pits.

Year: 2005 ongoing
Value: $3,650,000 + GST
Authority: South East Water / City of Casey

M2 Estate

Project: M2 Estate

  • Sewer Reticulation

Construction of over 2,500m of industrial sewers at depths up to 9.0m. Over 850m was micro-tunnelled in poor conditions over 6.0m deep.

Year: 2005
Value: $1,300,000 + GST
Authority: South East Water

Caroline Springs

Project: Caroline Springs

  • Cypress Views – Stages 1-14 / Sewer Reticulation inc. Outfall Sewer
  • Caroline Springs Boulevard Branch Sewer

Sewer Reticulation

Construction of more than 10.5kms of sewer reticulation works. Works included significant excavation in rock and construction of over 200 maintenance structures.

Branch Sewer

1,940m of 225mm and 300mm sewers, up to 6m depth in basalt. This project also required six deep road crossings, working around existing services and transport of over 30,000m3 of surplus and backfill materials.

Year: 2002 - 2006
Value: $3,500,000 + GST
Authority: City West Water

Beacon Cove Estate

Project: Beacon Cove Estate

  • Sewer Reticulation

Construction of over 2,600m of sewer reticulation, servicing more than 160 properties. Works involved construction below sea level and strict environmental constraints.

Year: 1995 - 2001
Value: $1,340,000 + GST
Authority: South East Water

Esso BHP Pipeline

Project: Esso BHP Pipeline, Longford

12,700 of 500mm & 560mm PE pipeline including associated air and scour values, plus substantial civil works. The project involved the upgrade of and connection to, an existing deteriorating pipeline carrying waste from the Longford Gas Refinery.

Year: 2001
Value: $2,950,000 + GST
Authority: Gippsland Water