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From cover adjustments and single cut-in’s to large pipeline assignments in rock, we complete every project professionally using the latest equipment and technology. With over 40 years experience in the construction and maintenance of water, sewer and drainage pipelines, today Delplant is recognised as a major contractor to the land development and civil construction industry. Our projects range from small maintenance works to large reticulation pipelines, pump stations, sewer rising mains and outfall sewers. At Delplant, we can provide you with a pipeline package solution to help you deliver your project on time and on budget.

Pipeline construction can present a multitude of difficulties so you need the extra assurance offered by a company employing experienced and accredited project engineers, works surveyors, supervisors, pipelayers, plant operators and dedicated maintenance crews. Our staff are all backed up by a fully equipped workshop and a highly regarded senior management team known throughout the industry. We currently have in excess of 50 staff within the company, plus subcontractors where required on a project basis. Together as a team we offer planning, project management and management expertise. We ensure that every project is completed professionally whilst using the latest equipment and technology.

Delplant has a very “hands on” management style when approaching all of its projects. We welcome open lines of communication between our project managers and relevant authorities, supervisors and the public. With open lines of communication between all parties, a cooperative working environment is created which is the basis of a successfully run project.

Providing you with a package solution helps reduce your administration costs. This ensures your project is consistently managed and that delivery time frames and budgets are achieved every single time.

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