At Delplant, we offer a wide range of services and solutions to successfully complete all projects associated with water and waste water construction. Whether your next project requires pipeline construction, asset maintenance & plumbing, plant hire or heavy haulage, we can provide you with any or all of our services from the one company.


Delplants has been delivering sewer pipelines and infrastructure works for over 50 years. Our services include:

  • Gravity/Reticulation Sewers
  • Branch Sewers
  • Pressure Sewers
  • Pumps Stations & Emergency Storage Vessels
  • Live Sewer Works
  • Testing, Compliance & Maintenance Works


Delplant has been delivering quality water pipelines for over 15 years. Our services include:

  • Installation of PVC, PE, Ductile Iron, Mild Steel pipelines
  • Reticulation Water Mains (Potable / Recycled)
  • Large diameter water mains
  • Poly Welding
  • Testing, Compliance & Maintenance Works


Delplant has been delivering gas pipelines for over 10 years. Our services include:

  • Mains laying
  • Poly welding
  • Live connections
  • Testing, Compliance & Maintenance Works

Heavy Haulage

With nearly 30 years experience, Delplant Haulage is a specialist in the transportation of heavy earthmoving equipment.

We offer tilt trays up to 12T capacity and low loaders with up to 70T capacity.

Plant Hire

Need extra equipment to help get your project completed on time? Delplant offers a large range of equipment together with operators for hire including excavators – ranging from 5 to 45 tonne, and various size 4WD loaders.

Our diverse service offering means you have a complete solution.