Aquarevo Overview

Aquarevo Estate is a collaboration between South East Water and Villawood Properties. Of particular significance, the dwellings within the estate will eventually connect to a pressure sewer system that pumps wastewater to a water recycling plant within the estate, treats the water to Class A standard, and sends it back to each home for use in the garden, toilet or washing machine.

Delplant was proud to be involved as part of this initiative and was responsible for the delivery of pressure sewer pipelines.

Project Details

Developer: Villawood Properties & South East Water
Consultant: Breese Pitt Dixon
Responsible Authorities: South East Water
Services: Pressure Sewer
Project Size: 450 lots +
Location: Lyndhurst
Project Commencement: May 2018
Project Duration: 3 Years
Project Status: Complete

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