Brompton Pumping Station, Emergency Storage Vessels & Rising Main Overview

The delivery of the Brompton  Pumping Station, Emergency Storage Vessels & Rising Main was a critical piece of infrastructure which connected Brompton to essential sewer services, which otherwise had none.

The delivery of the pumping station involved Delplant completing:

  1. 400m2 2.5 metre deep site cut
  2. Installation of steel sheet piles and heavy hydraulic bracing
  3. Installation of heavy pumping and dewatering spears
  4. Excavate inside the steel sheet piles a further 6.0m deep, including lower in mini excavator to complete detailed corner works (total excavation was 8.5 metre deep).
  5. Pour a 10m3 concrete raft slab at the base of the excavation to support the pump station.
  6. Hire in 200T Crane to lift in precast concrete sewer pump station segments which will total 7.8m high of concrete structure underground. Heaviest precast unit was circa 19 tonne.
  7. Pump in a 22m3 concrete ballast around the base of the wet well to ensure the pump station doesn’t lift due to extreme groundwater water pressure.

The delivery of the emergency storage vessels involved Delplant completing:

  1. Supply & install a 145KL Emergency Storage Vessel

The rising main presented many complexities which required Delplant to implement various control measures including:

  1. Working in accordance with a Cultural Heritage Management Plan due to environmental and cultural significant of the works area. This included some sections of pipeline being bored rather than open cut.
  2. Working in accordance with VicRoad restrictions including a strict 9:00am to 3:00pm work hours due to works requiring us to close 1 (one) lane of Western Port Highway during construction.
  3. Excavation along and inside of the Eastern Contour Drain which required substantial dewatering & silt control systems.
  4. Locating and relocation of existing assets
  5. Concrete encasement of the pipeline
Project Details

Developer: Wolfdene
Consultant: Marshall
Responsible Authorities: South East Water
Services: Pumping Station, Emergency Storage Vessels & Rising Main
Location: Cranbourne South
Project Commencement: Mid 2019
Project Duration: 6 months
Project Status: Complete
Value of works: $1,900,000

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