Officer Outfall Overview

The Officer Outfall was a $6,600,000 developer funded** major sewer pipeline that connected the Officer Growth Area to the existing sewer network. This pipeline would service estates such as to Timbertop, Cherrington & Potters Grove.

The 3.7km pipeline consisted of 3 sections at depths of up to 8 metres:

  • Section A – 1,151 metres of 700mm GRP including 16 manholes.
  • Section B – 950 metres of 300-900mm GRP including 12 manholes & 1 gas-check manhole.
  • Section C – 1,630 metres of 300-500mm GRP including 19 manholes.

As part of delivering the Officer Outfall, Delplant was required to:

  • Obtain approvals from Council to work within Council reserves (including public roads), including closing roads and digging and laying in existing roads.
  • Obtain approvals from VicTrack to work inside their rail easements and complete micro-tunnelling under a railway easements.
  • Dig & lay through wetlands, and low lying areas.
  • Implementing control measures for water inundation including dewatering measures.
  • Construct 48 sewer structures (manholes) at up to 8 metres deep.
  • Work in accordance with a tree management plan to ensure protection of native vegetation.
  • Work in accordance with a traffic management plan to minimise disruptions to local residents.
  • Locating and proving asset location.
  • Liaise with local landowners.

**Note: works reimbursable by South East Water.

Project Details

Developer: Parklea (on behalf of South East Water)
Consultant: SMEC
Responsible Authorities: South East Water
Services: Sewer
Project Value: $6,600,000
Location: Officer
Project Commencement: 2013
Project Status: Complete

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