Meridian / Meridian Central Overview

Delplant was responsible for the construction of:

  • All internal sewer, water (potable & recycled) and gas pipelines and structures across multiple stages.
  • Installation and removal of 2no. Eduction Tanks (Stage 1 and Stage 7)
  • Cross Connection on water main (Stage 1 & Stage 20)
  • A 335 metre 300mm PVC Branch Sewer on Pound Road at depths of 4 to 6 metres.
  • A 1285 metre Branch Sewer, consisting 1170m of open cut and 115 metres of laser guided micro tunnelling.
Project Details

Developer: Brown Property Group
Consultant: Beveridge Williams
Responsible Authorities: South East Water & APA
Services: Sewer, Potable Water, Recycled Water, Gas
Project Size: 1,800 lots +
Location: Clyde North
Project Commencement: Late 2016
Project Duration: 8 years +
Project Status: Under Construction

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