Smiths Lane Estate Overview

Delplant was responsible for the construction of:

  • All internal sewer, water (potable & recycled) and gas pipelines and structures across multiple stages. As at June 2022, we have successfully delivered 15 stages of internal sewer, water and gas. We currently have 2 stages  under constructions.
  • A 6 metre deep 1.2km long 300mm branch sewer (PVC & GRP pipes) including 28 sewer manhole structures.
  • A 300 metre 560mm potable water PE main
  • A 170 metre 450mm recycled water PVC main.
Project Details

Developer: Mirvac
Consultant: Beveridge Williams
Responsible Authorities: South East Water & APA
Services: Sewer, Potable Water, Recycled Water, Gas
Project Size: 1,500+ Lots
Location: Clyde North
Project Commencement: Early 2020
Project Duration: 8 years +
Project Status: Under Construction

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