Craigie Road Sewer Duplication Overview

Delplant, through its Joint Venture FHDB, and on behalf of the South East Water Corporation (South East Water) was responsible for the design, construction and delivery of the Craigie Road Sewer Duplication.

The duplication was required to relieve flows of existing sewers in Mt Martha and remove a number of residents from on-site septic tanks to reticulated mains. Delplant was required to complete the following works:

  • Micro tunnelling 700m of 280mm PE
  • Micro tunnelling 312m of 300mm GRP
  • Open cut 48 metres of 225mm PVC
  • Construction of 12no. manholes ranging from 2metre to 6metre depth ranges
  • Construction of 3no. maintenance shafts.

As part of the design and delivery Delplant was required to:

  • Obtain approvals from Mornington Peninsula Shire to work within Council reserves (including public roads).
  • Obtain approvals from Mornington Peninsula Shire to for removal of vegetation on Council land.
  • Liaise with local landowners
  • Work in accordance with a tree management plan to ensure protection of native vegetation.
  • Work in accordance with a traffic management plan to minimise disruptions to local residents.
  • Locating and proving asset location.
  • Relocation of existing water pipelines and diversion of existing sewer pipelines.

The project was successfully delivered with all stakeholders (residents, council and South East Water) all pleased with the delivery of the works.

Project Details

Developer: South East Water
Responsible Authorities: South East Water
Services: Gravity Sewer
Location: Mount Martha
Project Commencement: Feb 2021
Project Duration: 5 months
Project Status: Complete
Value of works: $2,100,000

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