Orana Branch Sewer Overview

The delivery of the Orana Branch Sewer was a critical piece of infrastructure required in order to connect the Orana Estate and the remaining Clyde South PSP area to an existing sewer network.
Delplant was responsible for the construction of the branch sewer which included:

  • 1500 metre of 375mm GRP pipeline (ranging from 5 to 6 metres in depth).
  • 600 metre access track with significant subgrade improvements to carry trucks over swampy ground.
  • Reinstatement of paddocks post construction.

Our crew was required to work in tough site conditions due to land inundation (i.e water). The project was successfully completed and our team achieved timely delivery of the works.

Project Details

Developer: Orana by Balcon Group
Consultant: Verve Projects
Responsible Authorities: South East Water
Services: Branch Sewer
Location: Clyde
Project Commencement: October 2019
Project Duration: 8 months
Project Status: Complete
Value of works: $1,700,000

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