Anglesea Borefield Pipeline

Water Company: Barwon Water
Consultant: GHD
Value: $2,400,000 + GST

Purpose of Project:
The need for a long–term plan was identified to secure future water supplies throughout the Greater Geelong region. The Anglesea Borefield was designed to become a valuable new water source capable of supplying up to 20 million litres of groundwater daily in times of need to surrounding regional areas.


Collection Pipeline
Delplant’s was engaged to construct the collection pipeline. This consisted of 9,000m of 600mm dia GRP pipeline including associated air and scour valves, testing and commissioning.


Successful Outcomes of Project: 
The pipeline required construction through the Great Otway National Park and adjacent properties. The environment was Delplant’s key focus due to the Anglesea Heath, limited vegetation removal and the crossing of the Anglesea River. Due to these environmental components, we were required to engage in management of Acid Sulphate Soils. The project was completed on time and within budget.


“Delplant Civil Contractors completed 9km of GRP pressure pipeline for Barwon Water during 2008 and 2009 as part of the Anglesea Borefield Project. Delplant delivered the pipeline on time and to budget without any incidents, which was an achievement considering the stringent environmental management plan in place for the project. Delplant managed the project very well and were always planning the works well ahead of the pipe laying crew. Based on my experience I would recommend Delplant for future similar work”.

Adam Cunningham
Project Manager | Capital Projects | Barwon Water